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  • Superintendent:

    Mr. James A. Estep


    Secretary to the Superintendent:

    Lindsay Curry


    717-248-0148 ext. 2550







    1.   High performing districts believe parents and students are their customers and expect high quality customer service within every level of the organization.

    2.   High performing districts have high expectations and believe that all children can learn. This is engrained in the district culture.

    3.   High performing districts collaboratively develop K-12 systems that support personalized learning and quality instruction.

    I. Elementary C&I and Professional Development

    Ongoing PD in balanced literacy practices/running records for new elementary hires. Intensive PD for K-5 in Tier 1 math instructional strategies and best practices for delivery of K-5 Integrated STEM unit instruction. Use 18-19 to begin research/discussion on formative assessment and its impact on instructional strategy. Provide staff development via PDE’s English Language consultants. Develop revised draft curricular content during the year for K-5 writing units.


    II. Secondary C&I and Professional Development

    At the secondary level, professional development emphasis on content area best practices at MCMS, Collins Writing across content areas at MCJHS/MCHS, along with UPenn Literacy training/strategies. Continue secondary PD in Tech integration and best practices for delivery of STEM instruction. Support Academy Director’s ongoing strategic planning efforts and continue multi-year push to increase enrollment in programs. Secondary staff will also receive support from PDE English Language consultant. Begin research/discussion on use of formative assessment for driving instruction. Develop revised draft curricular content in the following content areas:

    • Health/PE 10-12

    • Art 6-12

    • Mathematics 9-12

    • Social Studies 10-12

    • Consumer Science 8-12


     III. Finance

    Continue to work with board to make fiscal decisions based upon long-term budget outlook. Continue to work with new CFO and provide any support needed during her transition through a complete budget cycle. Secure appropriate funding by spring of 2019 to complete phase 2 of ESCO project during summer of 2019.


    Via PARSS and PASA, use ongoing legislative advocacy efforts to ensure state support for public education, including: fair and adequate basic education funding, timely state education budgets that are delivered by June 30 each year, reduction in unfunded mandates, and a revision of charter school funding formula that reflects actual costs of educating students.

    IV. Facilities

    Finalize planning and secure appropriate funding for Phase 2 of ESCO with McClure Company to address building needs at SMES for summer of 2019. Continue repaving cycle for 18-19 to include paving work at IVES and LIS during late spring or summer of 2019. Continue to develop safety and security enhancements for all buildings.


    V. Business/Community Partnerships

    Ongoing: continue to develop relationships with business/community organizations via district presence at Chamber Business and Education meetings, County Strategic Planning Initiatives, as well as Rotary and Kiwanis meetings when invited to speak or attend. Additionally, support Directors of MCAST in their efforts to cultivate business and industry relationships through site visits, Occupational Advisory Committees, etc. Continue support of student college and career fairs via partnerships with CareerLink and local Chamber of Commerce.


    VI. Communication

    Ongoing: enhance communication through increased hands-on leadership. Implement differentiated strategy to cultivate leadership capacity of District Administrative Team.


    It is our belief that responsible students grow up to be responsible adults. There are no secrets, but the students must practice some habits like: Setting goals, Planning their time, Studying every day, Taking notes in class, Keeping commitments, and Proper preparation.

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